How to highlight a given text in TinyMCE?

I have the following phrase:

The birds fly in the sky near planes.
          1         2         3 

How can I highlight in the sky with TinyMce if I know the start(14) and end(23) of the phrase ?

I would like to use the setRng method but I didn't find any sample code.



Here is the solution I came up with :

var ed = tinyMCE.activeEditor;
var range = ed.selection.getRng();
range.setStart(textNode, start);
range.setEnd(textNode, end);

Where :

  • textNode can be a DOM text node that you can retrieve with getElementById or any other short-hand properties (parent, nextSibling etc)
  • start and end are respectively the beginning and the end of the text you want to select

I prefer this solution because I only use the tinyMCE API. I don't rely on objects and methods that can change (in behavior, in bugs ...) from browser to browser.



var range = document.createRange();
var start = document.getElementById('tinymce');
//var textNode = start.getElementsByTagName('p')[0].firstChild;
var textNode = start.getElementsByTagName('your_tag_where_you_have_the_text')[0].firstChild;
range.setStart(textNode, 14);
range.setEnd(textNode, 23);


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