WScript is undefined

I am trying to run a Javascript file locally, which is supposed to create a CSS image sprite using ImageMagick. It's part of the OpenID selector JS component:

The generate-sprite.js ( file is supposed to create the image sprite automatically. However, whenever I run it in IE (the local version of the file, of course), I get the error SCRIPT5009: 'WScript' is undefined on line 19, character 1.

I have of course installed ImageMagick and updated the location in the js file. IE9 is letting the ActiveX execute.

Since I'm not familiar with WScript, I am completely lost. Googling didn't help, since this seems to be a very generic error.

Can somebody help diagnose this error please?



When you say you're "running" the JavaScript file locally, are you using Windows? If so, and double-clicking or typing the filename from the command line doesn't work, try:

wscript generate-sprite.js

...which explicitly invokes wscript.exe.

If you're not using Windows, you can't use that script — it relies on both Windows and Microsoft's JScript (which the wscript.exe program invokes).


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