take screenshot on web page with flash element

I would like to take a screenshot of a page displayed in a WebView. The page may contains flash elements, I refer to google feedback, but when I take a screenshot all the flash parts of the page are blank.

The flash element(for example video) can not be controlled because it is not my own website.

Beside I do not want to use any extension of browser.



It's impossible to take a screenshot of Flash elements on the webpage using JavaScript embedded on the same page. All available JS solutions (more details here) are reading current DOM state and rendering (using JS render engine implementation) a web page on a canvas element. Flash object is executed by separate application - Flash Player. JS can't access its contents, there is no Flash render engine implementation in JS.

However, since you mentioned WebView and you are talking about Flash then I assume that you are working on the native Android app. Therefore, it should be fairly easy for a native app to create a screenshot (see this).


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