Django Admin: Pre-populating values from POST or GET?

In my Django 1.2.4 site, I would like to direct the user to an admin page that is pre-filled out with some values, based on the current data they are working with. For example:

{% for person in people %}
        <td><a href='admin/foo/bar/add?name={{person}}'>Create a foo for {{person}}</td>
{% endfor %}

Then, when the user clicks on the link, the name field is pre-populated with the value {{person}}.

Does the Django Admin interface support doing this? The Django admin forms use POST, but I'm not sure how to add POST data to a request from the template.

Or, I could set GET variables, then use custom JavaScript in the form to set values accordingly.



According to the source code (and a quick test), Django does support the use of GET parameters as initial values for modelforms in the admin. It even supports many-to-many relations.

Did you try this? Maybe it's the missing slash at the end of the url.


Probably gets redirected to ...


... thus dropping the querystring. So try to add a slash there and see if it works.

admin/foo/bar/add/?name={{ person }}

Update (Prefilling boolean fields)

Just in case someone else is having problems with prefilling boolean fields:

If you pass any value at all in the querystring, e.g. admin/foo/bar/add/?is_active=foo, this will prefill the is_active field with True (since any non-empty string is a truthy value). Therefore, if you want to "uncheck" a checkbox for a given field, pass no value at all, like admin/foo/bar/add/?is_active=

This is a snippet of the code from the add_view method on ModelAdmin responsible for using GET parameters as initial values.

# Prepare the dict of initial data from the request.
# We have to special-case M2Ms as a list of comma-separated PKs.
initial = dict(request.GET.items())
for k in initial:
        f = opts.get_field(k)
    except models.FieldDoesNotExist:
    if isinstance(f, models.ManyToManyField):
        initial[k] = initial[k].split(",")

form = ModelForm(initial=initial)


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