Is there a javaScript engine where I can run my code without being forced to use a browser?

Is there any way to write and run a JavaScript code without having a need to run a browser and use its JavaScript engine?




I am amazed no one has pointed this out yet.

Windows includes a Javascript engine that can be used from the command line.

All versions of Windows, since Windows 98, have included something called "The Windows Script Host". It's a windows-standard way to support script "engines". Since the first release, WSH supports JScript, Microsoft's version of Javascript. Among other things, this means that, from a windows command line, you can just invoke the name of any *.js file, and it will run in the JScript engine. (via either wscript.exe or cscript.exe)

You can see this question: What is the ProgId or CLSID for IE9's Javascript engine (code-named "Chakra") to learn how to invoke the higher-performance IE9 Javascript engine from cscript.exe.

I use cscript.exe to run jslint from within emacs, on any .js module I'm editing. (via flymake-for-js) Lots of people use .js modules to do system maintenance or administration.


Take a look at Rhino JS Engine.


There's node.js


On top of that, you can take a look at jslib which uses spidermonkey, the core of javascript engine in firefox.


Java 6 has support for executing JavaScript within Java code. You can load any arbitrary JS file and execute (eval) it.

Here's a simple code example for the same:


Might as well throw Google's V8 engine into the ring

Please see JasonMP85's answer for a few more options as well.


There are tons of independent, js engines, adding to previous post

There are tons of standalone JS engines and framework built on top of them (Node.js, ringojs, etc.)

Well, all you need is to choose based on what you need.


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