Photoshop Script: exportDocument

I want to save my image as a transparent PNG and wrote a script which suddenly stopped working. I get this error message: Photoshop 11.0.2 error when executing exportDocument

docExportOptions = new ExportOptionsSaveForWeb 

docExportOptions.format = SaveDocumentType.PNG //-24 //JPEG, COMPUSERVEGIF, PNG-8, BMP 
docExportOptions.transparency = true 
docExportOptions.blur = 0.0 
docExportOptions.includeProfile = false 
docExportOptions.interlaced = false 
docExportOptions.optimized = true 
docExportOptions.quality = 100 
docExportOptions.PNG8 = false 

docRef.exportDocument (theFile,ExportType.SAVEFORWEB,docExportOptions) 

Any ideas how to fix that? Or any other solutions to save the docRef as a transparent PNG?



Phew. Solved ^^

The path didn't exist and that error seems to be a standard error. Pretty confusing...


The folder path was the problem i copied the folder path from windows explorer it looks like

"C:\Users`\Dropbox\android_work\06_Game_tests\car race verti\04 testing"

and pasted it in adress bar or the internet broser pressed enter i got this


i copied


and used it for folder path and It just worked


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