node.js: Mongodb db.collection.find() not working while collection.insert works

I'm using node.js/express and I have a Mongodb to store some sets of data. On a webpage the user can enter, edit and delete data (which all works fine). For example, to add data I have the following code:'/addset', function(req,res) {
    var db = req.db;
    var collection = db.get('paramlist');
    collection.insert(req.body, function(err, result){
            (err === null) ? { msg: '' } : { msg: err }

In my app.js file I include the lines

// Database
var mongo = require('mongodb');
var monk = require('monk');
var db = monk('localhost:27017/paramSet1');

as well as

    req.db = db;

to make the database accessible in the rest of the code (following this tutorial: , I'm a beginner with these things).

So all this works fine. My problem is the following: I would like to add a test if a dataset with the same name is already in the database and give a message to the user. Following this answer How to query MongoDB to test if an item exists? I tried using collection.find.limit(1).size() but I get the error

undefined is not a function

I tried the following things. In the cost above ( I tried adding after the line var collection...

var findValue = collection.find({});

If i then do console.log(findValue), I get a huge output JSON. I then tried console.log( but I get the same error (undefined is not a function). I also tried


as well as


but also get this error. So in summary, collection.insert, collection.update and collection.remove all work, but find() does not. On the other hand, when I enter the mongo shell, the command works fine.

I would be grateful for any hints and ideas.

Edit: The output to console.log(findValue) is:

    { col:
   { manager:
      { driver: [Object],
        helper: [Object],
        collections: [Object],
        options: [Object],
        _events: {} },
      { _construct_args: [],
        _native: [Object],
        _emitter: [Object],
        _state: 2,
        _connect_args: [Object] },
     helper: { toObjectID: [Function], isObjectID: [Function], id: [Object] },
     name: 'paramlist',
      { _construct_args: [],
        _native: [Object],
        _emitter: [Object],
        _state: 2,
        _skin_db: [Object],
        _collection_args: [Object],
        id: [Object],
        emitter: [Object] },
     options: {} },
  type: 'find',
  opts: { fields: {}, safe: true },
  domain: null,
  _events: { error: [Function], success: [Function] },
  _maxListeners: undefined,
  emitted: {},
  ended: false,
  success: [Function],
  error: [Function],
  complete: [Function],
  resolve: [Function],
  fulfill: [Function],
  reject: [Function],
  query: { name: 'TestSet1' } }



find returns a cursor, not the matching documents themselves. But a better fit for your case would be to use findOne:

collection.findOne({}, function(err, doc) {
    if (doc) {
        // A doc with the same name already exists

The first thing that looks wrong is your syntax is incorrect for find. You need to call it as a function. Try:


If you're using the method on that website you have to change your code


and use it like this


and if you want to add more options do like this


You can find everything here


you can use like that

app.get('/', (req, res) => {
  db.collection('quotes').find().toArray((err, result) => {


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