WebBrowser control does not work with some javascript constructs

i have found that WebBrowser control (both Winforms and WPF) has certain javascript constructs not supported especially when they are rendered using showModalDialog / showModelessDialog calls....

This is easily reproducible...

1) Create a test html page such as C:\Temp\Test.htm with this code..

    <input type=button
           value="Show Me as Modal Page." />
    <BR />
    <a href="javascript:alert('I am shown.')">
       I should work using href.
    <BR />
    <a href="#"
       onclick="javascript:alert('I am shown.')">
       I should work using onclick.

If you load the page above using the IE browser, both hyperlinks should work. Now in the IE browser, if you you click the "Show Me as Modal Page." button, the same page opens as MSHTML dialog window and again on that both hyperlinks work.

This is expected.

2) Now create a WPF or WinForm app hosting WebBrowser control sourced to "C:\Temp\Test.htm"

    <WebBrowser Source="C:\Temp\Test.htm" Height="500" Width="500"/>

If you run the app and load the test page using the WebBrowser control, both hyperlinks will work on the loaded page.

But if you load the modal window using the "Show Me as Modal Page." button, then the modal window fails to alert using the first hyperlink i.e. I should work using href. does not appear.

Second hyperlink works as expected.

Do you guys reckon is there a workaround for the first hyperlink to work?

In my case I have no access to the page's content that I am loading using the javascript:showModalDialog() call, so the issue fix is intended from the web browser's perspective.


They say that FEATURE_SCRIPTURL_MITIGATION has to be enabled for this. But it is already enabled in my registry. The MSDN continues to say ...

By default, this feature is enabled for Internet Explorer and disabled for applications hosting the WebBrowser Control. It has to be manually enabled for webBrowser control.

How to enable this for the web browser control?




This feature is not supported for applications hosting the WebBrowser Control.


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