In is there anyway to control the test run?

My 'example-spec.js' tests under the integration folder contain 15 tests, each time the will run all the 15 tests written in the 'example-spec.js'. I would like to choose and specify 'which' test needs to run, maybe 1 or 2 test at a time. The reason maybe I don't want to wait to see the output of all test while adding a 'new' test. Is there any way to control the test run in

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I don't know if there's way to do it from user interface, but You can use mocha methods to run only chosen tests by:

  1. Replacing it with xit tests you want to omit
  2. Using it.skip on tests you want to omit
  3. Using it.only on single test you want to run

I just tried this it.skip and that didn't work for me.

But using this.skip(); is working a lot better.

it('test page', function () {
    // skip this test for now
    cy.contains('test page').click()
        .should('include', '/test-page/')


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