Kendo template send data

What I want is simple but I don't know if it's possible.

I have a Kendo Mobile ListView as below:

    dataSource: ds,
    pullToRefresh: true,
    template: $("#list-serviceorders-template").html()

And I want to send to the template some values to access on it. My view with the template is this:

<div data-role="view" data-before-show="GAPCP.viewBeforeShow" id="serviceorders" data-layout="main-item-list">
    <ul id="list-serviceorders"></ul>

<script id="list-serviceorders-template" type="text/x-kendo-template" data-teste="teste">
    <a href="views/entries.html?id=#: CodOs #">OS: #: CodOs #<br />
    #: parameter.Divi1 #: #: CodDivi1 #/#: parameter.Divi2 #: #: CodDivi2 #</a>

Where you can read parameter.Divi1 and parameter.Divi2 are the places where I want to display those values. They're are not in the Data Source like the others values.

I don't want to create global variable 'cause I don't want to mess with my code and I can't use a function for that purpose because those values come from the database and it will execute a query for each list item iteration.

Any suggestion of how do that?



What I'm proposing is adding this information to the model in the controller. You can do it in DataSource.schema.parse or in requestEnd, even in a dataBound event if the widget accepts it.

When the data is received you iterate through the model and fills the remaining data not received from the server.

Example: Using parse

var ds = new{
    transport: {
        read: {
            url : ...
    schema   : {
        model: {
            CodOs   : { type: "number" },
            CodDivi1: { type: "string" },
            CodDivi2: { type: "string" }
        parse: function (data) {
            $.each(data, function (idx, elem) {
                // Extend original elem
                elem.parameter = {
                    Divi1: elem.CodDivi1.toUpperCase(),
                    Divi2: elem.CodDivi2.toLowerCase()
            return data;

Where I compute parameter inside the parse function and set parameter.Divi1 to CodDivi1 in upper-case and parameter.Divi2 to CodDivi2 in lowercase.


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