Is there an equivalent for GDownloadUrl function in Google Maps API v3

I used the Google Maps API version 2 function GDownloadUrl on various places to download XML/JSON data. I am converting about 3 dozen map pages to version 3 and I am unable to find an equivalent of this function. Is there one or should I use another library for handling AJAX/XHR?



There is no built in function in the google maps API v3 (there are several discussions in the v3 group if you want some history, including this one including an answer by Pamela Fox from google (at the time)). There is an example in the demo gallery (search for xml), and I have a version that I use in this example from Mike WIlliams' v2 tutorial that I translated to v3.


There is no equivalent function in the API V3. I use this separate function that I wrote based on this example:

(It works fine in all browsers)


Instead of...

    GDownloadUrl('https://your/url.json', function(data) {
        // ...
    }); can do this, assuming you have jQuery loaded and is available as $:

    $.get('https://your/url.json', function(data) {
        // ...


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