Reading WSDL and printing the web methods in javascript

I'd like to read a WSDL from a URL and print the web methods available in the WSDL in Javascript or JQuery. Is there any way to do it ? Since the browser reads the "?WSDL" and prints the WSDL I hope there must be some way.

Sample URL :




soap.createClient(wsdlpath, options, function(err, client) {
  // client has all the functions i.e., client.Login
  // simply iterate client keys that are functions.
  for(k of Object.keys(client)){
    console.log(typeof client[k]==="function" ? k : '')

You most likely must use this server-side (node.js). I don't know of a SOAP client for the browser that I would trust to work for complicated WSDLs.


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