How do you use a return value from the server side (VB.NET) on the client side (JavaScript)?

Is it possible to call a function on the server side from the client side using PageMethods, and access that function's return value in JavaScript? Here's an example:

Client Side:

function onBlur(){ //this function is called when you click away from a textbox
    PageMethods.SomeServerSideFunction(params, onSuccess, onFailure);

function onSuccess(){
    //do something on success
    //I want to be able to print out the server side function's return value here
     alert(PageMethods.DoesItWork(params)) //this is what I've tried, but it doesn't work 

function onFailure(){
    //do something on failure

Server Side:

Public Shared Function DoesItWork(params As String) As Boolean
    'logic to determine a return value
     Dim RetVal as Boolean
     Return RetVal 'I want to be able to use this return value on the client side
End Function

Put simply, I just need to be able to access the server side function's return value on the client side. Thanks in advance.



Stolen from a tutorial online, but basically you do this:

public static string ToUpper(string data) {
  return data.ToUpper();


function CallMethod() {
  PageMethods.ToUpper("hello", OnSuccessCallback, OnFailureCallback);

function OnSuccessCallback(res) {

function OnFailureCallback() {


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