Why Firefox event.offsetX and offsetY are undefined?

I just stumbled upon a bug in my software that happened only on Firefox. The reason was that the event didn't have offsetX and offsetY defined.

I managed to fix it thanks to this.

Anyways, my question is not a programming help request. I'm just curious why these properties are undefined in Firefox? What is the reason behind it?

I did look through: DOM3 UIEvent Spec., DOM3 MouseEvent Spec. and DOM2 MouseEvent Spec..

It appears that neither of the properties are mentioned there, so, I suppose that's an unofficial property introduced in other browsers?



Although mentioned in the W3 specification, the offsetx/offsety properties themselves are implemented inconsistently across browsers.

While supported in IE, Webkit browsers and Opera, they all function slightly different to the specifications requirements, except for IE - according to the "Calculating offsetX, offsetY" section here.

The properties aren't supported in Firefox at all - it appears to be a long-time bug that is yet to be resolved.

"I suppose that's an unofficial property introduced in other browsers?"

I believe it's an official property, that just hasn't been implemented in Firefox. If it was a non-official IE property, it wouldn't have been implemented in the Webkit/Opera browsers, mentioned in the W3 spec nor would Firefox actually be trying to implement it (check out the bug link above).


offsetX and offsetY are inconsistent in Firefox so you can do it this way

document.body.onclick = function(e) {
    e = e || window.event;

    var target = e.target || e.srcElement,
        rect = target.getBoundingClientRect(),
        offsetX = e.clientX - rect.left,
        offsetY = e.clientY - rect.top;

    console.log([offsetX, offsetY]);

You can find more info Here and here


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