How to delete an inserted OOXML comment using Word JS API?

I am trying to insert comments inside word document using insertOoxml method. The comment gets inserted successfully.

I want to delete this manually-inserted comment based on one of the user's actions. For example, when they switch from one feature of my add-in to another. I am trying to delete the comment parts from the Ooxml string using regex match and replace for this to work. => {
  let body = context.document.body
  let bodyOOXML = body.getOoxml()
  await context.sync()
  let bodyOOXMLText = bodyOOXML.value

  bodyOOXMLText = bodyOOXMLText.replace(/<relationship(.*?)target="comments.xml(.*?)comments">/g, '')
  bodyOOXMLText = bodyOOXMLText.replace(/<w:commentRangeStart(.*?)w:commentRangeEnd(.*?)\/>/g, '')
  bodyOOXMLText = bodyOOXMLText.replace(/<w:comments(.*?)w:comments>/g, '')
  bodyOOXMLText = bodyOOXMLText.replace(/<pkg:part(.*?)comments\+xml(.*?)word\/comments\.xml">(.*?)<\/pkg:part>/g, '')

  body.insertOoxml(bodyOOXMLText, Word.InsertLocation.replace)
  await context.sync()


It throws a GeneralException error. I think I'm corrupting the XML object somewhere, so just wanted to confirm

a. Is this a right approach/workaround to my problem?
b. What am I missing to replace here?
c. Is there any other sophisticated solution possible?



The regex method is not safe. The approach is still the same. Use XML parser and delete the relevant nodes from the XML DOM tree.

Code sample:

export function removeCommentsFromXML(xmlString){
  let xmlText = ''

    // initialize DOM parser
    let parser = new DOMParser()
    let namespace = []

    // parse XML string into XML DOM object
    let xmlDoc = parser.parseFromString(xmlString, 'text/xml')

    // get xml namespace prefix for 'pkg'
    namespace['pkg'] = xmlDoc.documentElement.getAttribute('xmlns:pkg')

    // get all 'pkg:part' nodes
    let allChildrenNodes = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagNameNS(namespace['pkg'], 'part')

    // delete comments.xml node in pkg:part
    let currentChildNode = allChildrenNodes[0]
    while (currentChildNode!==null && currentChildNode.getAttribute('pkg:name').match('comments.xml')===null) {
      currentChildNode = currentChildNode.nextSibling
    if(currentChildNode!==null) currentChildNode.parentNode.removeChild(currentChildNode)

    // get document relationship package
    currentChildNode = allChildrenNodes[0]
    while (currentChildNode!==null && currentChildNode.getAttribute('pkg:name').match('word/_rels')===null) {
      currentChildNode = currentChildNode.nextSibling

    // get all relationships
    let relationships = currentChildNode.getElementsByTagName('Relationship')

    // delete comment relationship from relationships
    let currentRelationship = relationships[0]
    while (currentRelationship!==null && currentRelationship.getAttribute('Target').match('comments.xml')===null) {
      currentRelationship = currentRelationship.nextSibling
    if(currentRelationship!==null) currentRelationship.parentNode.removeChild(currentRelationship)

    // get main document
    currentChildNode = allChildrenNodes[0]
    while (currentChildNode!==null && currentChildNode.getAttribute('pkg:name').match('/word/document.xml')===null) {
      currentChildNode = currentChildNode.nextSibling

    // get w namespace
    namespace['w'] = currentChildNode.childNodes[0].childNodes[0].getAttribute('xmlns:w')

    // get commentRangeStart nodes
    let commentRangeStartNodes = currentChildNode.getElementsByTagNameNS(namespace['w'], 'commentRangeStart')
    while(commentRangeStartNodes.length>0) {

    // get commentReference nodes
    let commentReferenceNodes = currentChildNode.getElementsByTagNameNS(namespace['w'], 'commentReference')
    while(commentReferenceNodes.length>0) {

    // get commentRangeEnd nodes
    let commentRangeEndNodes = currentChildNode.getElementsByTagNameNS(namespace['w'], 'commentRangeEnd')
    while(commentRangeEndNodes.length>0) {

    xmlText = new XMLSerializer().serializeToString(xmlDoc)

  return xmlText

the modified XML string can now be inserted using
body.insertOoxml(xmlText, Word.InsertLocation.replace)


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