Selected text event trigger in Javascript

How to trigger a JavaScript function when someone selects a given text fragment on a page using mouse?
Also, is there any way to find the position of selected text on the page?

Update: To be more clear, text fragment can be part of a sentence or a word or a phrase or whole a paragraph.



There is no "Text was selected" (DOM) event, but you can bind a mouseup event to the document.body. Within that event handler, you might just check the




methods. There are several topics on Stackoverflow, like this one javascript to get paragraph of selected text in web page.

I'm not sure what you mean with "finding the position", but to stay in my example world you could use the event propertys for X+Y mouse positions.



Here's a quick mashup:

$('div').mouseup(function() {
    var text=getSelectedText();
    if (text!='') alert(text);

function getSelectedText() {
    if (window.getSelection) {
        return window.getSelection().toString();
    } else if (document.selection) {
        return document.selection.createRange().text;
    return '';

<div>Here is some text</div>



There is a new experimental API that deals with this:

The selectionchange event of the Selection API is fired when the selection object of the document is modified, or when the selection associated with an <input> or a <textarea> changes. The selectionchange event is fired at the document in the first case, on the element in the second case.

Note that this is bleeding edge and not guaranteed to work across even major browsers.


AFAIK, there is no such event you described. But you can emulate that function.

Look over here for the code and demo.


There is "Text was selected" event. But only for textarea as I hava known.

<textarea onselect="message()" name="summary" cols="60" rows="5">
var selectedText = "";

if (window.getSelection) {
    selectedText = window.getSelection();

if (document.getSelection) {
    selectedText = document.getSelection();

if (document.selection) {
    selectedText = document.selection.createRange().text;

function textSelector() {

I'm not sure about the mouse thing but this line works for mobile, this invoked every time a change made on the text selection -

document.addEventListener('selectionchange', () => {



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