Javascript for…in seems to only return every other index in array [duplicate]

I have a page (actually, about thirty or so) where I'm trying to change the classname of specific elements based on a querystring variable. Everything works fine except for this part, I'm getting a really weird result...

        var hitAreas = document.getElementsByClassName('hitArea');
    for(hitArea in hitAreas)
        hitAreas[hitArea].className = 'hitArea_practice';

The alert(hitAreas.length); line is properly returning the number of elements (7, from the html below) with the classname 'hitArea', but when I iterate through hitAreas, it's only changing the classnames for every other element on the page. Halfway through it returns undefined as a value for alert(hitAreas[hitArea]); assumably because it's trying to reference array elements beyond an index of 6.

Body of the html page:

        <body onload="toggleHotspotHints();">
    <img src="Dashboard1.jpg" width="1440" height="795" />
    <div class="hitArea" style="top: 55px; left: 230px; width: 72px; height: 17px;" onclick="gotoPage('BatchReconcile/1-ClaimsReconcileMenu');"></div>
    <div class="hitArea" style="top: 55px; left: 319px; width: 72px; height: 17px;" onclick="gotoPage('Eligibility/PP Elig 1');"></div>
    <div class="hitArea" style="top: 55px; left: 409px; width: 72px; height: 17px;" onclick="gotoPage('REPORTS/5-Dashboard Reports List');"></div>
    <div class="hitArea" style="top: 137px; left: 260px; width: 145px; height: 21px;" onclick="gotoPage('Dash2_Messages');"></div>
    <div class="hitArea" style="top: 223px; left: 247px; width: 126px; height: 19px;" onclick="gotoPage('ClaimsList_Failed');"></div>
    <div class="hitArea" style="top: 242px; left: 247px; width: 126px; height: 14px;" onclick="gotoPage('PayerReportList');"></div>
    <div class="hitArea" style="top: 258px; left: 247px; width: 126px; height: 14px;" onclick="gotoPage('ADM/1_trending graph');"></div>

Live demo:



Šime Vidas pointed out that getElementsByClassName retuns a live nodeList, meaning the collection stored will be updated as things are changed (here the class attribute).

var hitAreas = document.getElementsByClassName('hitArea'),
    hitAreasLength = hitAreas.length;

while ( hitAreasLength-- > 0) {
    hitAreas[hitAreasLength].className = 'hitArea_practice';

I'm not sure if this is the nicest code, but it works :)



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