dynamic interactive dashboard with zeppelin notebook

I want to have a more interactive dashboard. like reading the data from database , giving it to select box, onchange of select box send the value and run the query.

i want to achieve this using zeppelin bcz on selected value i have to display the analytics.

what would be the way to achieve this and is this possible to achieve through zeppelin.

i tried with select box, but i couldnot save the selected value and send it to next query and execute that. something like

select age, count(1) value 
from bank 
where marital="${marital=single,single|divorced|married}" 
group by age 
order by age

i didnt get how to store this parameter and send selected parameters from one paragraph to another

or something like handling all these things from UI, lets say javascript html and sending that selected value as parameter to the zeppelin? something like this while using the url

<iframe src="http://myipaddress:8080/#/notebook/2BWCNP7V8/paragraph/20160831-115204_1774035770?asIframe&param1=value1&param2=value2" width="500" height="300"  scrolling="no" frameBorder="0" id="iframe1" style="text-align:center;" >Browser not compatible.</iframe>

and using these param1=value1&param2=value2 in my zeppelin paragraph? technically doable or not i dont understand. please help me how to achieve this? thanks in advance :)



We can get all the maritals with following code

val maritals = bank.select("marital").distinct.collect.map(_.getString(0))

And convert to seq ZeppelinContext wanted

val seq = mairitals.zipWithIndex.map{case (x,y) => (y.toString, x)}.toSeq

Then we can select it like this

val index = z.select("marital", "1", seq)
val marital = seq(index.toString.toInt)._2

And the marital can use be used for further processing. like.

val sql = s"""select distinct job from bank where marital=="$marital""""


Or like when I use spark-highcharts. In this case I wanna plot average balance over age for certain marital status.

highcharts(bank.filter(col("marital") === marital)
  .series("x" -> "age", "y" -> avg(col("balance")))

NOTE: Only the paragraph with the select will be executed automatically when value changed.


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