Qooxdoo: Reuse desktop classes in mobile application

I have a full-grown qooxdoo desktop application and a freshly created mobile application. I want to reuse existing classes from my desktop app in my mobile app. I modified the configuration file so that the compiler knows about the paths.

Just adding a desktop widget to a mobile page is not possible because they seem to be completely incompatible:

var title = new myapp.ui.basic.Label("Test");


Uncaught TypeError: Object #<HTMLDivElement> has no method 'add' 

Is there another way to use desktop classes in a mobile app?



You can use a Class defined for desktop in mobile apps as well but this excludes widgets. qooxdoo has a separate UI Toolkit optimized for mobile which should be used. The widgets for desktop are different and not compatible. Still, you can reuse all your IO and logic classes without a problem.


If you are looking for inspiration have a look at the Feedreader application that provides 3 different frontends (desktop, mobile, web) but shares all of the logic.


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