does not run tasks in order


Create a task to run others tasks in a specific order

Why this is not a duplicate

Many people have suggested I take a look at How to run Gulp tasks sequentially one after the other. However, this question focuses on gulp.task while my question focuses on

The solution I am searching is a way to use to achieve the synchronous effect I am after. If this is not possible however, I will fall-back to gulp.task.


I have a small project, I have some test files as well as the the gulp gulp-complexity plugin. I wish to run the test files first, and then run the gulp-complexity plugin every time a JavaScript file is changed.

What I have tried

I read the documentation and saw the following tutorials:

They were very good, but I still don't understand how I can have a task that runs tasks in synchronously (in a specific order) instead of running them asynchronously.


This is what I got so far:

var gulp = require("gulp");
var mocha = require("gulp-mocha");
var complexity = require("gulp-complexity");

gulp.task("test", function(){
    .on("error", function(){

gulp.task("complexity", ["test"], function(){

gulp.task("watch", function(){"./*.js", ["test", "complexity"]);

What am I doing wrong here?

Please bare in mind I am still very new to gulp (started learning it today!) so any explanations on my problem would be welcome!



This is a Gulp issue and should be be fixed in gulp 4.0

For now, try run-sequence [ ]


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