Dynamic tables within tables do not preserve their values over a save / load

Using Livecycle Designer - now Adobe Experience Manager v 6.4.0.xxx, I'm trying to allow my users to create tables within tables in a form. I'm comfortable with non-nested tables - they work fine. The problem is that when I nest tables they lose information over a save. The first row is saved fine, but subsequent rows are not saved.

These are non-trivial tables. An outer row has, say 5 text fields, some radio buttons, subforms that hide/show based on logic, etc. The nested table only shows under certain logic - it also has multiple text fields and check boxes. However, I've simplified this down below - still fails.

Based on Nested tables in livecycle fall apart on email, I decided to toss out tables and nest subforms to gain the same look and feel as tables. Again, one 'table' built this way works fine, but the subsequent nesting breaks - in interesting/crazy ways - the subform nested in row one gets more rows (instanceManager.count) and subsequent rows lose their textfield information - but radio buttons keep their information.

What I've done

  • I've rebuilt using subforms over tables. No love, though interesting weirdness.
  • I've toggled the Form Properties / run-time / Preserve scripting changes to form when saved -- I want automatic but I've toggled to manual and back. (Per https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1281883)
  • I've monitored it as best I can - on preSave and postSave the information is there - on initialization it's gone.

Pre-Save Pre Save

Post-Save Totally whacky. Kept second row (unlike tables) but lost the information in fields. First row somehow gained another nested row. Post Save

I call this from a button 'click'

function fAddSfRow(oSfTable) {
  oSfRow = oSfTable.sfRow;

And, to remove a row - in another button 'click'

var oSfRow = $.parent;
if (oSfRow.instanceManager.count > oSfRow.instanceManager.occur.min ) {

Example PDF

What I'd like is a nested table with text fields in each that saves/loads.




Okay, the best answer I've found is...

Wrap only the table with inner tables with a 'pre-save' and 'initialize'.


  • Capture the number of total rows for the outer table
  • Capture the number of rows for each inner table
  • Capture the rawValue of each field
  • Store all this somewhere - say in a hidden text field


  • Set table.row.instanceManager.count for outer table
  • Set table.row.instanceManager.count for each row of inner tables
  • Reset all rawValues for fields
  • do any logic for hiding/showing subforms or whatever



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