How to craft links so they are handled by JQuery in document.ready and not global scope

I recently asked a question here:

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and the answer determined that my Javascript function was in Global scope and not found inside the document.ready. I am using VB.NET to build the links that are displayed with some of the code being as follows:

sb.Append("<div class=""img-thumbnail"">")
                sb.Append("<a href=""javascript:productPopup('" & Trim(dr.Item("StyleDescription")) & "');"" class=""thumbnail""><img src="""" /></a><h4 class=""thumbnail caption"">" & dr.Item("StyleDescription") & "</h4>")
                sb.Append("<center>" & dr.Item("ststy") & "</center><br />")
                sb.Append("<center>Price: " & FormatCurrency(dr.Item("lowprice"), 2) & " MSRP: " & FormatCurrency(dr.Item("lowMSRP"), 2) & "</center>")
                sb.Append("</div><!-- thumbnail --></div><!-- col-md-2 -->")

Now I was told that in order to put my function inside of document.ready I should use JQuery to handle the click of the link. My question is this:

I am going to need the StyleDescription to be passed to the function so that I can use AJAX to get data out of my database relating to that product. How can I craft the JQuery so that it gets this information correctly regardless of which link is clicked? Thus, let's say I have these links:

<a href="javascript:showProductPopup('STY5901');">Green T-Shirt</a>
<a href="javascript:showProductPopup('STY5915');">Red T-Shirt</a>

How can I convert this to let JQuery handle it and still get the proper StyleDescription value as shown in the above links?



You could make the style number an attribute of the anchor:

<div><a class="product" s="STY5901" href="javascript:void(0);">Green T-Shirt</a></div>
<div><a class="product" s="STY5915" href="javascript:void(0);">Red T-Shirt</a></div>

And then get the attribute value in the click event:


function showProductPopup(s){
    console.log("called showProductPopup with value: " + s);


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