How to use split?

I need to break apart a string that always looks like this:

something -- something_else.

I need to put "something_else" in another input field. Currently, this string example is being added to an HTML table row on the fly like this:


I figure "split" is the way to go, but there is very little documentation that I can find.



Documentation can be found e.g. at MDN. Note that .split() is not a jQuery method, but a native string method.

If you use .split() on a string, then you get an array back with the substrings:

var str = 'something -- something_else';
var substr = str.split(' -- ');
// substr[0] contains "something"
// substr[1] contains "something_else"

If this value is in some field you could also do:

tRow.append($('<td>').text($('[id$=txtEntry2]').val().split(' -- ')[0])));


If it is the basic JavaScript split function, look at documentation, JavaScript split() Method.

Basically, you just do this:

var array = myString.split(' -- ')

Then your two values are stored in the array - you can get the values like this:

var firstValue = array[0];
var secondValue = array[1];

Look in JavaScript split() Method


"something -- something_else".split(" -- ") 

According to MDN, the split() method divides a String into an ordered set of substrings, puts these substrings into an array, and returns the array.

???? Example

var str = 'Hello my friend'

var split1 = str.split(' ') // ["Hello", "my", "friend"]
var split2 = str.split('') // ["H", "e", "l", "l", "o", " ", "m", "y", " ", "f", "r", "i", "e", "n", "d"]

???? In your case

var str = 'something -- something_else'
var splitArr = str.split(' -- ') // ["something", "something_else"]

console.log(splitArr[0]) // something
console.log(splitArr[1]) // something_else


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