disable dragging in ckeditor

I am facing an issue with my ckeditor. I am loading an entire page of HTML into the ckeditor. It's loading and showing fine. I want to let users edit only the data (texts), but not its alignment. But in editor each div is draggable (like the textbox in office word). How can I lock these areas.



You might consider using Jeditable instead of ckeditor. That way you can individually allow users to edit each text block.


I've used the following JS code before to disable text selection. You might be able to use it to bind to the div/whatever holds the ckeditor instance. Note that this would also prevent the user from being able to select text (for instance to copy/cut/etc).

// From http://chris-barr.com/entry/disable_text_selection_with_jquery/
    $.extend($.fn.disableTextSelect = function() {
        return this.each(function(){
            }else if($.browser.msie){//IE
                $(this).bind('selectstart',function(){return false;});
            }else{//Opera, etc.
                $(this).mousedown(function(){return false;});
    $('.noSelect').disableTextSelect();//No text selection on elements with a class of 'noSelect'

Have you added custom styles to the div element? In my case, the problem was that I had some styling - especially overflow: hidden. Removing the overflow, height and min-height rules helped for me: the handles disappeared.

Note that you can still add the rules where you actually display the content.


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