MooTools/JS: bindWithEvent

There's this piece in the codebase I'm working on:

this.element.addEvent('click', this.clickEvent.bindWithEvent(this));

I want to change it so that the click event makes sure the window is loaded first. So I tried:

var t = this;
this.element.addEvent('click', function() {
    window.addEvent('load', function() {

That doesn't seem to get it to work though. What am I missing?



You're adding a handler to the load event when the user clicks something, _aftertheload` event has already fired. Therefore, nothing happens.

You should probably add the click handler inside of an event handler for the load event. (swap the two addEvent lines)


in mootools you tend to use domready and not load but essentially, doing it as suggested will not work as it lacks the context here:

this.element.addEvent('click', this.clickEvent.bindWithEvent(this));

so you are working within a class here - therefore, make sure you instantiate it on the domready event instead, something like...

window.addEvent("domready", function() {
    // whatever you need to do...
    var foo = new myClass($("someElement"), {option: value}); // example instantiation
    // if the binding is not in the .initialize, then call the right method...
    // foo.bindMyEvents();

as long as the class instance is within domready, you're fine. if that's not an option, see which method binds the events and call that on the domready instead.


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