how to access iFrame parent page using jquery?

I have an iframe and in order to access parent element I implemented following code:


How to get the same result using jquery?
UPDATE: Or how to access iFrame parent page using jquery?



To find in the parent of the iFrame use:

$('#parentPrice', window.parent.document).html();

The second parameter for the $() wrapper is the context in which to search. This defaults to document.


how to access iFrame parent page using jquery


jQuery is a library on top of JavaScript, not a complete replacement for it. You don't have to replace every last JavaScript expression with something involving $.


If you need to find the jQuery instance in the parent document (e.g., to call an utility function provided by a plug-in) use one of these syntaxes:

  • window.parent.$
  • window.parent.jQuery



jQuery gets attached to the window object and that's what window.parent is.


You can access elements of parent window from within an iframe by using window.parent like this:

// using jquery    

Which is the same as:

// pure javascript

And if you have more than one nested iframes and you want to access the topmost iframe, then you can use like this:

// using jquery$("#element_id");

Which is the same as:

// pure javascript"element_id");

in parent window put :

function ifDoneChildFrame(val)

and in iframe src file put :

<script>window.parent.ifDoneChildFrame('Your value here');</script>

yeah it works for me as well.

Note : we need to use window.parent.document

    $("button", window.parent.document).click(function()
        alert("Functionality defined by def");

It's working for me with little twist. In my case I have to populate value from POPUP JS to PARENT WINDOW form.

So I have used $('#ee_id',window.opener.document).val(eeID);



Might be a little late to the game here, but I just discovered this fantastic jQuery plugin It basically uses an onUnload callback event, so it basically listens out for the closing of the child window, and will perform any necessary stuff at that point. SO there's really no need to write any JS in the child window to pass back to the parent.


There are multiple ways to do these.

I) Get main parent directly.

for exa. i want to replace my child page to iframe then

var link = '<%=Page.ResolveUrl("~/Home/SubscribeReport")%>';

here top.location gets parent directly.

II) get parent one by one,

var element = $('.iframe:visible', window.parent.document);

here if you have more then one iframe, then specify active or visible one.

you also can do like these for getting further parents,

var masterParent = element.parent().parent().parent()

III) get parent by Identifier.

var myWindow =$("#Identifier")


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