How do I change the marker of Mapbox with directionsjs? It shows A and B markers [duplicate]

How do I change the Mapbox marker (when using directionjs)?

It shows A and B markers.

I tried editing the marker but lose directions.

var x= L.marker([51.508245, -0.087700], {
    icon: L.mapbox.marker.icon({
        'marker-size': 'large',
        'marker-icon': 'monument',
        'marker-color': '#fa0'

// Set the origin and destination for the direction and call the routing service
directions.setDestination(L.latLng(51.508112, -0.075949));   

var directionsLayer = L.mapbox.directions.layer(directions).addTo(map); 
var directionsRoutesControl = L.mapbox.directions.routesControl('routes', directions)
  var directionsLayer = L.mapbox.directions.layer(directions, {readonly: true}).addTo(map);

The above is what I tried but it broke directions. I am looking for a way to change the icons of A and B.




Try looking at their examples on how to do different marker styles. For an image, check out this example, specifically at this code:

myLayer.on('layeradd', function(e) {
  var marker = e.layer,
      feature = marker.feature;

This is going into the GeoJSON properties and using the icon value under to figure out how it should be styled.


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