AnythingSlider throws Error “base.panelSize[page] is undefined”

can anybody tell me, what's wrong with my code if AnythingSlider (or rather Firebug) throws the following error when initialised?

base.panelSize[page] is undefined
width: base.panelSize[page][0], jquery.anythingslider.js, Line 442

JS-Code (inside of $(document).ready-function)):

  width: 800,
  height: 564,
  startPanel: 1,
  autoPlay: false,
  startStopped: true,
  animationTime: 600,
  hashTags: false,
  buildNavigation: false,
  pauseOnHover: false,
  startText: "",
  stopText: ""

i tried this with the latest version ( Motties' fork of Chris Coyers' AnythingSlider (available here).



Problem solved, thanks for all help provided. I was code-blind and thus applied the #slider to a div instead an ul... (i believe this worked in a prior version, but i'm not sure, anymore)


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