How to configure server for node? Getting error Cannot GET/

i am a complete beginner and knew nothing. For some project purpose i had to work with a web project which i took from github and i am not able to run that web app on localhost. The error which is occuring in localhost is :

cannot GET/

i am following the instructions given in readme file of the project:

This repository contains the code for the single-page app (SPA). It is written using Backbone.js and Marionette.js, and compiled via R.js.

How to use Simply download it, run npm install and bower install. Then setup the configuration settings inside

/server/build/ and then when inside the server folder, run node server.js --bundle build.

How to build Run grunt build to build the application. This app also has an associated Dockerfile which uses Apache as a reverse proxy

(needed for the production deployment). Run docker build to build the image.

also the frontend-setting.js file which is inside the "server/build" folder contains :

var GLOBALS = {
    apiEndpoint: "[FILL ME OUT]",
    Version: "[FILL ME OUT]",
    appUrl: "[FILL ME OUT]",
    recaptcha: "[FILL ME OUT]",
    MixpanelToken: "[FILL ME OUT]",
    DEBUG: false,

which i don't know how to deal with

Anyone who can Help me to run this app thank you.



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