Routing does not work well with HTML5-History-API

In a mean-stack web application, I use html5mode and have the following code in index.html:

<base href="/" />   
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

I have defined the following angular-ui-router:

    .state('addinHome', {
        url: '/addin/home',
        template: "home page"
    .state('addinTest', {
        url: '/addin/test',
        template: '<a href="addin/home">one</a>',
        controller: 'TestCtrl'

Then, I go to https://localhost:3000/addin/test, clicking on one leads me to https://localhost:3000/addin/test#%2Faddin%2Fhome, whereas I would want to go to https://localhost:3000/addin/home.

If I don't have office.js and history.js, clicking on one does lead me to https://localhost:3000/addin/home.

Does anyone know how to go to https://localhost:3000/addin/home while keeping office.js and history.js?



I found it... just use

template: '<a href="addin/home" target="_self">one</a>'


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