router.navigate with query params Angular 5

I'm having an issue with routing to a route with query params I have a function like so

goToLink(link) {
    this.router.navigate([`${link.split('?')[0]}`, { queryParams: this.sortParams(link)}]);

and this function

sortParams(link) {
    let queryParams = url.split('?')[1];
    let params = queryParams.split('&');
    let pair = null;
    let data = {};
    params.forEach((d) => {
      pair = d.split('=');
      data[`${pair[0]}`] = pair[1];
    return data;

okay so basically what Is happening I have a function called goToLink() and that takes in a url and the url that gets passed is a string with query params like so..

the above is just an example thats not what it actually looks like but its a link string with query parameters now so what happens is I remove the params from the string and store them in a data object in the sortParams() function so when I pass the above string in I get an object that looks like this

{id: 37, username: 'jimmy'}

now thats what i'm passing into the queryParams: section in the router.navigate,

the function should look like this when the object is returned

this.router.navigate([`${link.split('?')[0]}`, { queryParams: {id: 37, username: 'jimmy'}}]);

so i successfully route to the desired route but the query params look like this..


Am I doing something wrong here??

Any help would be appreciated!


If I just change the function to this

 this.router.navigate([`${link.split('?')[0]}`, { queryParams: {id: 37, username: 'jimmy'}}]);

I get the same url /page;queryParams=%5Bobject%20Object%5D



Can be of that you had placed the bracket which is supposedly for the 1st param but you had encapsulated it on the whole line of route

Your code:

// This is the end of your route statement:  '}}]);' which the close bracket is included
this.router.navigate([`${link.split('?')[0]}`, { queryParams: {id: 37, username: 'jimmy'}}]);

Update route:

place the ] close bracket within the 1st parameter only, try to not place it on the last part of the route statement.

// Update end line: '}});'
this.router.navigate([`${link.split('?')[0]}`], { queryParams: {id: 37, username: 'jimmy'}});

If you want to navigate to a URL string including query params, try using router.navigateByUrl.

For example:



Try like this:

this.router.navigate(['scorecard-details', 37], { queryParams: { username: "jimmy"}});


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