how to control back button event in Jquery mobile?

I tried to control back button but i cant.In here;

Take control of hardware back button jquery mobile

  event.keyCode == 27 //thats for escape 
  event.keyCode == 8 //thats for backspace..its also working on browser but it doesnt work on my tablet.

Any suggestions??



Recommended method pagecontainerbeforechange:

You need to listen to navigation event and state.direction.

$(window).on("navigate", function (event, data) {
  var direction = data.state.direction;
  if (direction == 'back') {
    // do something
  if (direction == 'forward') {
    // do something else

jQM API: Navigation event



You can do this without Jquery mobile

window.addEventListener("hashchange", function(e) {
    if(e.oldURL.length > e.newURL.length)
<a href="#p2">goto page 2</a> and then use browser's navigation.</div>

And also Demo in codepen


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