How to execute ajax function onbeforeunload?

I'm developing a php/javascript chat.

When the user logs in, his/her username is inserted in a MySQL table called queue. This insert returns the mysql_insert_id() that will be stored in a session variable called $_SESSION['CHAT_QUEUE_ID']

I need the MySQL table row to be deleted when the user closes the page.

I tried the following, but without success:

js file

window.onbeforeunload = closeSession;
function closeSession(){
        url: "/chat/process/chat.php",
        type: "GET"
    return "disconnected";


$delete= "DELETE FROM queue WHERE id = " . $_SESSION['CHAT_QUEUE_ID'];
// query, etc

Is there any way to do this?



You fire your ajax async (default for jquery - ajax). But the browser won't wait for anything on unload.

try setting async : false in the ajax-settings. But you can never be sure that this will work in all browsers everytime.

see the comment here:


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