emacs paredit - how to delete quotes

I'm using the emacs starter kit, https://github.com/technomancy/emacs-starter-kit, which comes with paredit mode. I'm writing some javascript, and would like to remove something from quotes. Eg. "somestring" should become somestring

What the best way to do that? Going in the other direction is easy, I just select somestring and type a quote.




Use M-s to splice the current form into the outer form. This works with quotes, parentheses, and similar stuff, depending on the exact mode you're in:

(bla (|foo))  -> (bla |foo)
(bla "|foo")  -> (bla |foo)

Where | is the position of the cursor when you press M-s.


If you're on the first quote, you can M-x delete-pair. If you do it all the time, bind that to some convenient key.


Put point anywhere on the string and type M-s or M-x paredit-splice-sexp.


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