How to make a browser display a “save as dialog” so the user can save the content of a string to a file on his system?

How can I make a browser display a "save as dialog" so the user can save the content of a string to a file on his system?

For example:

var myString = "my string with some stuff";

Resulting in something like this:




There is a javascript library for this, see FileSaver.js on Github

However the saveAs() function won't send pure string to the browser, you need to convert it to blob:

function data2blob(data, isBase64) {
  var chars = "";

  if (isBase64)
    chars = atob(data);
    chars = data;

  var bytes = new Array(chars.length);
  for (var i = 0; i < chars.length; i++) {
    bytes[i] = chars.charCodeAt(i);

  var blob = new Blob([new Uint8Array(bytes)]);
  return blob;

and then call saveAs on the blob, as like:

var myString = "my string with some stuff";
saveAs( data2blob(myString), "myString.txt" );

Of course remember to include the above-mentioned javascript library on your webpage using <script src=FileSaver.js>


This is possible using this cross browser javascript implementation of the HTML5 saveAs function:

If all you want to do is save text then the above script works in all browsers(including all versions of IE), using nothing but JS.


Using execComand:

<input type="button" name="save" value="Save" onclick="javascript:document.execCommand('SaveAs','true','your_file.txt')">

In the next link: execCommand


In case anyone is still wondering...

I did it like this:

<a href="data:application/xml;charset=utf-8,your code here" download="filename.html">Save</a>

cant remember my source but it uses the following techniques\features:

  1. html5 download attribute
  2. data uri's

Found the reference:

EDIT: As you can gather from the comments this does NOT work in

  1. Internet Explorer (works in Edge v13 though)
  2. iOS Safari
  3. Opera Mini


There is a new spec called the Native File System API that allows you to do this properly like this:

const result = await window.chooseFileSystemEntries({ type: "save-file" });

There is a demo here, but I believe it is using an origin trial so it may not work in your own website unless you sign up or enable a config flag, and it obviously only works in Chrome. If you're making an Electron app this might be an option though.


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