clear javascript console in Google Chrome

I was wondering if I could clear up the console with some command..

console.log(), can print... is there a command to clear up console?..

I've tried to console.log(console); and got this functions below...

assert: function assert() { [native code] }
constructor: function Console() { [native code] }
count: function count() { [native code] }
debug: function debug() { [native code] }
dir: function dir() { [native code] }
dirxml: function dirxml() { [native code] }
error: function error() { [native code] }
group: function group() { [native code] }
groupEnd: function groupEnd() { [native code] }
info: function info() { [native code] }
log: function log() { [native code] }
markTimeline: function markTimeline() { [native code] }
profile: function profile() { [native code] }
profileEnd: function profileEnd() { [native code] }
time: function time() { [native code] }
timeEnd: function timeEnd() { [native code] }
trace: function trace() { [native code] }
warn: function warn() { [native code] }
__proto__: Object

[ I guess there's no way to clear up the console... but I wanted someone to say it to me... ]



Update: As of November 6, 2012, console.clear() is now available in Chrome Canary.

If you type clear() into the console it clears it.

I don't think there is a way to programmatically do it, as it could be misused. (console is cleared by some web page, end user can't access error information)

one possible workaround:

in the console type window.clear = clear, then you'll be able to use clear in any script on your page.


If you use console.clear(), that seems to work in chrome. Note, it will output a "Console was cleared" message.

I tested this by racking up a ton of Javascript errors.

Note, I got an error right after clearing the console, so it doesn't disable the console, only clears it. Also, I have only tried this in chrome, so I dont know how cross-browser it is.

EDIT: I tested this in Chrome, IE, Firefox, and Opera. It works in Chrome, MSIE and Opera's default consoles, but not in Firefox's, however, it does work in Firebug.






You can create your own variable, which works in both:

if (typeof console._commandLineAPI !== 'undefined') {
    console.API = console._commandLineAPI;
} else if (typeof console._inspectorCommandLineAPI !== 'undefined') {
    console.API = console._inspectorCommandLineAPI;
} else if (typeof console.clear !== 'undefined') {
    console.API = console;

After that, you can simply use console.API.clear().


Press CTRL+L Shortcut to clear log, even if you have ticked Preserve log option.
Hope this helps.


That is working


On the Chrome console right click with the mouse and We have the option to clear the console


A handy compilation of multiple answers for clearing the console programmatically (from a script, not the console itself):

if(console._commandLineAPI && console._commandLineAPI.clear){
    console._commandLineAPI.clear();//clear in some safari versions
}else if(console._inspectorCommandLineAPI && console._inspectorCommandLineAPI.clear){
    console._inspectorCommandLineAPI.clear();//clear in some chrome versions
}else if(console.clear){
    console.clear();//clear in other chrome versions (maybe more browsers?)
    console.log(Array(100).join("\n"));//print 100 newlines if nothing else works

Instead of typing command just press:


to clear chrome console


Based on Cobbal's answer, here's what I did:

In my JavaScript I put the following:

setInterval(function() {
  if(window.clear) {
    console.log("this is highly repeated code");
}, 10);

The conditional code won't run until you ASSIGN window.clear (meaning your log is empty until you do so). IN THE DEBUG CONSOLE TYPE:

window.clear = clear;

Violà - a log that clears itself.

Mac OS 10.6.8 - Chrome 15.0.874.106


Chrome - Press CTRL + L while focusing the console input.

Firefox - clear() in console input.

Internet Explorer - Press CTRL + L while focusing the console input.

Edge - Press CTRL + L while focusing the console input.

Have a good day!


On MacOS:

  1. Chrome - CMD+K
  2. Safari - CMD+K
  3. Firefox - No shortcut

On Linux:

  1. Chrome - CTRL+L
  2. Firefox - No shortcut

On Windows:

  1. Chrome - CTRL+L
  2. IE - CTRL+L
  3. Edge - CTRL+L
  4. Firefox - No shortcut

To make it work in Firefox, userscripts can be used. Download GreaseMonkey extension for FF.

    if(event.metaKey && event.which==75) //CMD+K

In the script, update the metadata with the value, //@include *://*/*, to make it run on every pages. It will work only when the focus is on the page. It's just a workaround.


I think this is no longer available due to 'security issues'.

console.log(console) from code gives:

memory: MemoryInfo
profiles: Array[0]
__proto__: Console

From outside of code, _commandLineAPI is available. Kind of annoying because sometimes I want to just log and not see the old output.


There's always the good ol' trick:


Not the most elegant solution, I know :) ... but works.

For me, I usually just print a long "-----" separator line to help make the logs easier to read.


This seems to work just fine:


Chrome Console Clear button

If you want to just clear the console when debugging, you can simply click the "ban-circle" ? button to clear console.log.

Alternatively just press "Ctrl+L" to clear the console using your keyboard.


you can use


if you are working with javascript coding.

else you can use CTR+L to clear cosole editor.


On the Mac you can also use ?+K just like in Terminal.


I use the following to alias cls when debugging locally in Chrome (enter the following JavaScript into the console):

Object.defineProperty(window, 'cls', {
    get: function () {
        return console.clear();

now entering cls in the console will clear the console.


I'm going to add to this, as it's a search that came out top on google..

When using ExtJS / Javascript I insert this and the console is cleared out - unless there is an error..


I'm more than likely way off course, but this is how I clear the console for each page load/refresh.


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