jQuery data attribute selector for closest parent

My code have data attribute set for many elements (Not For All Elements) in below manner.

  1. <div id='dvStorage' data-testing='storage_div'>

And, for some of the elements (Not For All Elements) data attribute is set with below approach.

  1. $("#ElementID").data("testing", "data value");

Now, the problem comes. When any button on the document is clicked, I need to find its parent having data attribute (testing) is set. As mentioned, all elements do not have data attribute, so I need to travese upwards in the hierarchy until the expected element is found.

For #1 approach, $("#buttonID").closest("[data-testing]") works. But not for #2 approach.

For #2 approach, I need to iterate through button parents() and verify if it has .data("testing") or not. I need to avoid this iteration. And have one common approach that works for #1 and #2.

Here, it is not required to verify value of data-testing, but to get the first parent in hierarchy having "testing" set as its data attribute.

Thanks in advance.




You only have two choices:

As you mentioned in the first choice, you have to iterate through all of the elements because $("#ElementID").data("testing", "data value"); will NOT update the attribute data-testing, because the value is stored internally in the DOM.

The second method is to provide add another class that can be used in the selector:

$("#ElementID").data("testing", "data value").addClass("has-testing");

Thus your new selector would be:

$("#buttonID").closest("[data-testing], .has-testing");

JS Fiddle Example


try this (work for #2): data-selector

e.g: $('[data-testing] , :data(testing)')

Try this:


where $(this) will be the current clicked element inside the click handler.


You can try below solution:

$("body *[data-testing]:first");

for your reference: http://jsfiddle.net/on24Lzxj/


Try this: $("#buttonID").closest(["data-testing"]) just change to following:


or use $(this).parents("[data-testing]") for your choice

2nd demo


Instead of setting data-testing through .data(), you can use attr():

$("#div1").attr("data-testing", "div1_Data");

This will add the attribute and value to the element.

Then your normal selector should work:


Edit based on comments:

Settings attributes using .attr() and getting them using .data() can be problematic (as evident by Eriks fiddle-example here), since the latter only checks the actual element attribute once.

I would suggest to use .attr() when both setting and getting, but since the implementation could not be changed this is not an option in this case.

I'll leave my answer here anyway, as I would still recommend it if this was not the case.


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