escaping question mark in regex javascript

This is a simple question I think.

I am trying to search for the occurrence of a string in another string using regex in JavaScript like so:

 var content ="Hi, I like your Apartment. Could we schedule a viewing? My phone number is: ";

 var gent = new RegExp("I like your Apartment. Could we schedule a viewing? My", "g");

 if( != -1){   

This doesn't work because of the ? character....I tried escaping it with \, but that doesn't work either. Is there another way to use ? literally instead of as a special character?



You can delimit your regexp with slashes instead of quotes and then a single backslash to escape the question mark. Try this:

var gent = /I like your Apartment. Could we schedule a viewing\?/g;

Whenever you have a known pattern (i.e. you do not use a variable to build a RegExp), use literal regex notation where you only need to use single backslashes to escape special regex metacharacters:

var re = /I like your Apartment\. Could we schedule a viewing\?/g;
                               ^^                            ^^

Whenever you need to build a RegExp dynamically, use RegExp constructor notation where you MUST double backslashes for them to denote a literal backslash:

var questionmark_block = "\\?"; // A literal ?
var initial_subpattern = "I like your Apartment\\. Could we schedule a viewing"; // Note the dot must also be escaped to match a literal dot
var re = new RegExp(initial_subpattern + questionmark_block, "g");

A must-read: RegExp: Description at MDN.


You need to escape it with two backslashes


See this for more details:


You should use double slash:

var regex = new RegExp("\\?", "g");

Why? because in JavaScript the \ is also used to escape characters in strings, so: "\?" becomes: "?"

And "\\?", becomes "\?"


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