Use Browser Search (Ctrl+F) through a button in website?

I have created a website and have added a button and lot of text. What I want is to use the browser search (Ctrl+F), when I press the button which I added in website.

How can I achieve this?



It kind of works for FF. See this page

 <a href="#" onclick="find();">Find in This Page...</a>

update: from mark's comment:

From my testing window.find() is supported in Chrome 37, and FF31, but not IE11


for more information on this window.find go here


No. In general, you cannot invoke browser controls from inside the webpage - security, sandboxing, and all that.

You need to make some sort of in-page search - if you're using a CMS, most of them have a simple search feature built-in.

If you want to do this in JavaScript, there are various scripts that emulate this in-page; randomly selected from my query "javascript find in page" is this one:


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