Microsoft JScript runtime error: Member not found

i am using mvc3 and jquery dialogue to open partial view in main view

here is my structure..

partialview 1

<input type="button" onclick="function1();">

partial view 2

<form method="post"> 
    //some elements


view 1

<script src="myscript.js" />
<script src="jquery.js"/> 
//some element

    load partialview 2 as jquery dialogue 


  function function1()
     //some code

this is just only overview of my application

now in above structure if i click on button in the partialview1 i am getting this error : Microsoft JScript runtime error: Member not found.



I found the solution in my case.

<input id="function1" type="button" onclick="function1();">

I have used id of the input type button (ie: function1) as the same name of function (ie: function1).

As I don't know much about it. But by changing id of the button or function name solves my problem.


Actually, 'Member Not Found' occurs on all browsers and other non-browser programs. In browsers, placing a button or radial with the same name as the function it calls within a form induces this error. Either rename the button or move it outside of the form.


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