Javascript in delphi applications

Is it possible utilize javascript in the making of windows desktop applications.I use borland delphi and i need to use javascript in my grids.



Worm, I've written a complete solution for you. See the screenshot attached below ...

A basic summary of what I can give is this ... a component that allows you to execute javascript, call delphi from from javascript, and access javascript functions and objects once you connect a script.

Here is a link to an brief article I wrote describing what you can do with javascript. At the end of the article is a zip file containing the source code and a compiled example program you can use to test out whatever javascript you want to write.

enter image description here


AJAX is a technology commonly applied in web applications where javascript is being executed by the client. Such notions are very difficult to apply in desktop applications. You could use background threads to perform expensive tasks to avoid freezing the application and then update the UI with the results of this background tasks.


Thanks a lot sysrpl.

This solution based on ActiveX and Internet Explorer. Required to write too much additional code for each JavaScript function/fearture you going to use.

I strongly suggest take a look on SpiderMonkey (Firefox) javascript wrapper. It's ready for RTTI.

Required only 1 DLL. Compatible with XE2/XE4/XE5. Ready for x86 and x64 systems.


You can use one of JavaScript interpreters that are available on the market. First of all it's Windows Scripting Engine itself, that offers JScript (delphi wrapper would be needed for comfortable work). Next, it's FastScript by FastReports. There are more available, but I don't remember the names at the moment.

The problem, though, is that the language itself is not enough. What you seem to want is to use JavaScript code which makes use of HTML DOM and various browser classes. Obviously they are not available unless you have a browser engine itself in your program. I.e. if you embed TWebBrowser or link to Mozilla engine, you get the browser and you can run scripts inside of the browser window.

But if you want to automate Delphi GUI with JavaScript, this is probably not the best idea - browser-located JavaScript code will be useless for this.


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