How to use nodejs to open default browser and navigate to a specific URL

I'm writing an application using Node.js.

One of the functions I want to create is to open the default web browser and navigate to a specific URL.

I want it to be portable so that it runs on Windows/Mac/Linux.


var url = 'http://localhost';
var start = (process.platform == 'darwin'? 'open': process.platform == 'win32'? 'start': 'xdg-open');
require('child_process').exec(start + ' ' + url);

node-open is deprecated. Now use opn:

const opn = require('opn')

opn('') // Opens the url in the default browser

//opn('', {app: 'firefox'}) // Specify the app to open in

You may need to implement a switch using the value of ...


And then use spawn("open") or spawn("xdg-open") depending on the platform?


The easiest and neatest way, IMHO is using an npm package called openurl. Do a npm install openurl . You could try this real quick in your Nodejs REPL


You could also send emails with it if the need arises like so; require("openurl").open("mailto:[email protected]")


Use opn because it will handle the cross platform issue. To install:

$ npm install opn

To use:

var opn = require('opn');

// opens the url in the default browser 

// specify the app to open in 
opn('', {app: 'firefox'});


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