Does gulp have code splitting for javascript files?

I'm using gulp and I want to know if it has capabilities for code splitting. Something similar to what is mentioned here in the webpack site . Ive looked online but not seen anything dedicated to that.



I found this on the internet gulp-split-files, I hope this answers your issue.

As you the author has said in the documentation.

In your gulpfile:

const gulp = require("gulp");
const splitFiles = require("gulp-split-files");

gulp.task("split", function () {
    return gulp.src("superMegaBigCss.css")

This will produce three files:


I don't think this package is very useful, as it split the code where we place the comment /*split*/.

Personally, I love using webpack so much, now I use it in most of my projects, I think it is like a butcher where it chops down the files and bundles it up in different ways.


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