How to search in array of object in mongodb

Suppose the mongodb document(table) 'users' is

  _id: 1,
  name: { first: 'John', last: 'Backus' },
  birth: new Date('Dec 03, 1924'),
  death: new Date('Mar 17, 2007'),
  contribs: [ 'Fortran', 'ALGOL', 'Backus-Naur Form', 'FP' ],
  awards: [
            { award: 'National Medal',
              year: 1975,
              by: 'NSF' },
            { award: 'Turing Award',
              year: 1977,
              by: 'ACM' }
and other object(person)s

I want to find the person who has award 'Nation Medal' and must be awarded in year 1975 There could be other persons who have this award in different years.

How can I find this person using award type and year. So I can get exact person.



The right way is:

db.users.find({awards: {$elemMatch: {award:'National Medal', year:1975}}})

$elemMatch allows you to match more than one component within the same array element.

Without $elemMatch mongo will look for users with National Medal in some year and some award in 1975s, but not for users with National Medal in 1975.

See MongoDB $elemMatch Documentation for more info. See Read Operations Documentation for more information about querying documents with arrays.


Use $elemMatch to find the array of particular object

db.users.findOne({"_id": id},{awards: {$elemMatch: {award:'Turing Award', year:1977}}})

Can do this in two ways:

  1. ElementMatch - $elemMatch (as explained in above answers)

    db.users.find({ awards: { $elemMatch: {award:'Turing Award', year:1977} } })

  2. Use $and with find

    db.getCollection('users').find({"$and":[{"awards.award":"Turing Award"},{"awards.year":1977}]})


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