How to scroll down with Phantomjs to load dynamic content

I am trying to scrape links from a page that generates content dynamically as the user scroll down to the bottom (infinite scrolling). I have tried doing different things with Phantomjs but not able to gather links beyond first page. Let say the element at the bottom which loads content has class .has-more-items. It is available until final content is loaded while scrolling and then becomes unavailable in DOM (display:none). Here are the things I have tried-

  • Setting viewportSize to a large height right after var page = require('webpage').create();

page.viewportSize = { width: 1600, height: 10000, };

  • Using page.scrollPosition = { top: 10000, left: 0 } inside but have no effect like-'', function(status) {
   if (status == "success") {
      page.scrollPosition = { top: 10000, left: 0 };  
  • Also tried putting it inside page.evaluate function but that gives

Reference error: Can't find variable page

  • Tried using jQuery and JS code inside page.evaluate and but to no avail-

$("html, body").animate({ scrollTop: $(document).height() }, 10, function() { //console.log('check for execution'); });

as it is and also inside document.ready. Similarly for JS code-


as it is and also inside window.onload

I am really struck on it for 2 days now and not able to find a way. Any help or hint would be appreciated.


I have found a helpful piece of code at!topic/phantomjs/8LrWRW8ZrA0

var hitRockBottom = false; while (!hitRockBottom) {
    // Scroll the page (not sure if this is the best way to do so...)
    page.scrollPosition = { top: page.scrollPosition + 1000, left: 0 };

    // Check if we've hit the bottom
    hitRockBottom = page.evaluate(function() {
        return document.querySelector(".has-more-items") === null;
    }); }

Where .has-more-items is the element class I want to access which is available at the bottom of the page initially and as we scroll down, it moves further down until all data is loaded and then becomes unavailable.

However, when I tested it is clear that it is running into infinite loops without scrolling down (I render pictures to check). I have tried to replace page.scrollPosition = { top: page.scrollPosition + 1000, left: 0 }; with codes from below as well (one at a time)

window.document.body.scrollTop = '1000';
location.href = ".has-more-items";
page.scrollPosition = { top: page.scrollPosition + 1000, left: 0 };

But nothing seems to work.



Found a way to do it and tried to adapt to your situation. I didn't test the best way of finding the bottom of the page because I had a different context, but check it out. The problem is that you have to wait a little for the page to load out and javascript works asynchronously so you have to use setInterval or setTimeout (see).'', function () {

  // Checks for bottom div and scrolls down from time to time
  window.setInterval(function() {
      // Checks if there is a div with class=".has-more-items" 
      // (not sure if this is the best way of doing it)
      var count = page.content.match(/class=".has-more-items"/g);

      if(count === null) { // Didn't find
        page.evaluate(function() {
          // Scrolls to the bottom of page
          window.document.body.scrollTop = document.body.scrollHeight;
      else { // Found
        // Do what you want
  }, 500); // Number of milliseconds to wait between scrolls


I know that it has been answered a long time ago, but I also found a solution to my specific scenario. The result is a piece of javascript that scrolls to the bottom of the page. It is optimized to reduce waiting time.

It is not written for PhantomJS by default, so that will have to be modified. However, for a beginner or someone who doesn't have root access, an Iframe with injected javascript (run Google Chrome with --disable-javascript parameter) is a good alternative method for scraping a smaller set of ajax pages. The main benefit is that it's easily debuggable, because you have a visual overview of what's going on with your scraper.

function ScrollForAjax () {

    scrollintervals = 50;
    scrollmaxtime = 1000;

        scrolltime = 0;

    scrolldocheight1 = $(iframeselector).contents().find("body").height();


        scrolldocheight2 = $("body").height();

        if(scrolltime===scrollmaxtime || scrolltime>scrollmaxtime){
            scrolltime = 0;

        else if(scrolldocheight2>scrolldocheight1){
            scrolltime = 0;
            ScrollForAjax (iframeselector);

        else if(scrolldocheight1>=scrolldocheight2){
            ScrollForAjax (iframeselector);


    scrolltime += scrollintervals;

scrollmaxtime is a timeout variable. Hope this is useful to someone :)


The "correct" solution didn't work for me. And, from what I've read CasperJS doesn't use window (but I may be wrong on that), which makes me doubt that window works.

The following works for me in the Firefox/Chrome console; but, doesn't work in CasperJS (within casper.evaluate function).


What did work for me in CasperJS was:

casper.wait(1000, function waitCb() {

Which, also worked when moving casper.capture into Casper's then function.

However, the above solution won't work on some sites like Twitter; jQuery seems to break the casper.scrollToBottom() function, and I had to remove the clientScripts reference to jQuery when working within Twitter.

var casper = require('casper').create({
    clientScripts: [
       // 'jquery.js'

Some websites (e.g. seem to work fine with jQuery and CasperJS scrollToBottom(). Not sure why some sites work and others don't.


The code snippet below work just fine for pinterest. I researched a lot to scrape pinterest without phantomjs but it is impossible to find the infinite scroll trigger link. I think the code below will help other infinite scroll web page to scrape. (status) {
              var count = 0;
                // Scrolls to the bottom of page
              function scroll2btm(){
                if(count <500) {
                  page.evaluate(function(limit) {
                    window.scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight || document.documentElement.scrollHeight);
                    return document.getElementsByClassName('pinWrapper').length; //use desired contents(eg. pin) selector for count presence number
                    console.log(count)//print no of content found to check
              else { // required number of item found


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