Multiple path names for a same component in React Router

I am using the same component for three different routes:

    <Route path="/home" component={Home} />
    <Route path="/users" component={Home} />
    <Route path="/widgets" component={Home} />

Is there anyway to combine it, to be like:

    <Route path=["/home", "/users", "/widgets"] component={Home} />



At least with react-router v4 the path can be a regular expression string, so you can do something like this:

    <Route path="/(home|users|widgets)/" component={Home} />

As you can see it's a bit verbose so if your component/route is simple like this it's probably not worth it.

And of course if this actually comes up often you could always create a wrapping component that takes in an array paths parameter, which does the regex or .map logic reusably.


Other option: use route prefix. /pages for example. You will get

  • /pages/home
  • /pages/users
  • /pages/widgets

And then resolve it in a detailed way inside the Home component.

  <Route path="/pages/" component={Home} />

As of react-route-dom v5.1.2 you can pass multiple path as below

 <Route path={"/home" | "/users" | "/widgets"} component={Home} />

And obvoiusly you need to import Home jsx file on top.


As per React Router docs the proptype 'path' is of type string .So there is no way you could pass an array as props to the Route Component.

If your intention is to only change route you can use the same component for different route no issues with that


As of react-router v4.4 you can just do something like this below.

store the path in a variable and pass down below and use '|' Operator.

let home = "/home" ;
let users = "/users”;
let widgets = "/widgets" ;

<Route path={ {home} | {users} | {widgets} }  component={Home} /> 

so for all path it matches it will render component={Home} which is your need ..


As of react-router v4.4.0-beta.4, and officially in v5.0.0, you can now specify an array of paths which resolve to a component e.g.

    <Route path={["/home", "/users", "/widgets"]} component={Home} />

Each path in the array is a regular expression string.

The documentation for this approach can be found here.


I don't think it is if you use a version of React Router lower than v4.

You can use a map as you would do with any other JSX component though:

    {["/home", "/users", "/widgets"].map((path, index) => 
        <Route path={path} component={Home} key={index} />


You can also use a regex for the path in react-router v4 as long as it's supported by path-to-regexp. See @Cameron's answer for more info.


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