Combining regular expressions in Javascript

Is it possible to combine regular expressions in javascript.

For ex:

 var lower = /[a-z]/;
 var upper = /[A-Z]/;
 var alpha = upper|lower;//Is this possible?

ie. can i assign regular expressions to variables and combine those variables using pattern matching characters as we do in regular expressions



The answer is yes! You have to initialize the variable under the RegExp class:

var lower = new RegExp(/--RegexCode--/);
var upper = new RegExp(/--RegexCode--/);

hence, regex can be dynamically created. After creation:

"sampleString".replace(/--whatever it should do--/);

Then you can combine them normally, yes.

var finalRe = new RegExp(lower.source + "|" + upper.source);

If regexps are not known beforehand,

var one = /[a-z]/;
var two = /[A-Z]/;

var one_or_two = new RegExp("(" + one.source + ")|(" + two.source + ")")

If this is something you only need to do once or twice, I'd stick with doing it on a per-case basis as suggested by other answers.

If you need to do a lot, however, a couple of helper functions might improve readability. For example:

var lower = /[a-z]/,
    upper = /[A-Z]/,
    digit = /[0-9]/;

// All of these are equivalent, and will evaluate to /(?:a-z)|(?:A-Z)|(?:0-9)/
var anum1 = RegExp.any(lower, upper, digit),
    anum2 = lower.or(upper).or(digit),
    anum3 = lower.or(upper, digit);

And here's the code if you want to use those functions:

RegExp.any = function() {
    var components = [],

    for (var i = 0; i < arguments.length; i++) {
        arg = arguments[i];
        if (arg instanceof RegExp) {
            components = components.concat(arg._components || arg.source);

    var combined = new RegExp("(?:" + components.join(")|(?:") + ")");
    combined._components = components; // For chained calls to "or" method
    return combined;

RegExp.prototype.or = function() {
    var args =;
    return RegExp.any.apply(null, [this].concat(args));

The alternatives are wrapped in non-capturing groups and combined with the disjunction operator, making this a somewhat more robust approach for more complex regular expressions.

Note that you will need to include this code before calling the helper functions!

alpha = new RegExp( lower.source + "|" + upper.source );
console.log( alpha );
// /[a-z]|[A-Z]/

use a general function:

const getComposedRegex = (...regexes) => new RegExp( => regex.source).join("|"))

Then call it with any number of Regexes.

const reg1 = /[w]{3}/i
const reg2 = /http/i

const composedReg = getComposedRegex(reg1, reg2)

Based on Bry6n answer here's a solution I use:

const Regexes = {
  Empty: /^$/,
  Minus: /^[-]$/,
  DotAndNumber: /^\.\d+$/,
  NumberAndDot: /^\d+\.$/,
  Float: /^[-]?\d+(\.\d+)?$/,

const orRegex = (...regexes) =>
  new RegExp( => r.source).join('|'));

const FloatInputRegex = orRegex(


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