regex pattern to match the end of a string

Can someone tell me the regex pattern to match everything to the right of the last "/" in a string.

For example, str="red/white/blue";

I'd like to match "blue" because it is everything to the right of the last "/".

Many thanks!



Use this Regex pattern: /([^/]*)$


Use following pattern:


Use the $ metacharacter to match the end of a string.

In Perl, this looks like:

my $str = 'red/white/blue';
my($last_match) = $str =~ m/.*\/(.*)$/;

Written in JavaScript, this looks like:

var str = 'red/white/blue'.match(/.*\/(.*)$/);

Should be


Means: Match a / and then everything, that is not a / ([^/]*) until the end ($, "end"-anchor).

I use the ~ as delimiter, because now I don't need to escape the forward-slash /.


Something like this should work: /([^/]*)$

What language are you using? End-of-string regex signifiers can vary in different languages.


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