jQuery - How to select by attribute

I have a HTML like this,

<a id="a_1" href="#" disabled_onclick="true">Link1</a>
<a id="a_2" href="#">Link2</a>
<a id="a_3" href="#" disabled_onclick="true">Link3</a>
<input id="b_1" type="submit" disabled_onclick="true">Button1</input>
<input id="b_2" type="submit">Button2</input>
<input id="b_3" type="submit">Button3</input>

Now I need write a jQuery which returns me all the attributes in my html having a disabled_onclick property set to true. In this case, I should get 3 elements, two link tags and one input tag.



Here’s how to select all those elements:


Since true is a valid unquoted attribute value in CSS, you could even omit the quotes:


If you care about valid HTML you should consider using a custom data-* attribute instead though.

<input id="b_1" type="submit" disabled_onclick="true">
<!-- …becomes… -->
<input id="b_1" type="submit" data-disabled-onclick="true">

That way it’s valid HTML, and you’ll still be able to select it as follows:


try this


See http://api.jquery.com/attribute-equals-selector/

In the above line, you'd only query for input nodes, you can omit the input which would then query over all nodes in your entire markup (which is probably kind of slow'ish).



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