how to access object property using variable [duplicate]

I have an object

var Messages = {
'fullName' : 'Tell us your cool name dude..! e.g. Yousuf Iqbal',
'userName' : 'Choose a catchy username. Remember! It should be available :)',
'password' : 'Choose a top secret password with special chars, numbers and alphabets',
'rePassword' : 'Retype the password you just typed. But, don\'t try to copy!',
'bYear' : 'Tell the year, in which this bomb blasted'

and a variable..

var attribute = $('#userinfo form input').attr('name');

now i want to select Messages object property using this variable like this..

var message = Messages.attribute;

but Its not working.. and have also tried the following..

var message = Messages+'.'+attribute;



Square brackets:

message = Messages[ attribute ];
var message = Messages[attribute];


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